Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

The examination PA uses a single probe which contains multiple elements (16-128) to send ultrasonic angle beams through the test object.
Each individual element can be pulsed to send where timed phase. This produces several beam angles, which combined form a network.
This network of beams identifies changes in the material, such as cracks or inclusions that can be viewed on screen and identified.

•Weld examination
•Control of plates, forgings
•The examination of metallic pieces
•The examination can be performed using the encoder that records real-time control, and location of discontinuities.
•The results can be viewed immediately and saved / stored in the equipment.
•Possibility of automatic control using weld rover.
•The ability to show multiple images at the same time, resulting in the rapid identification of discontinuities.
•Configuring the examination with the help of Estbean Tols and Setup Bilder.
•Mobile equipment, examination can be made at home.
•Olympus MXU
•Olympus MX2